Hike The Whites: Part 1 / by matt thomas

Starting in 2019, I decided to have one goal. I want to hike all 48 4,000 footers in New Hampshire. I started last winter, but with the Red Sox season I was pretty much preoccupied for most of the Summer and the Fall. A setback of a broken foot in June, also hampered when I planned on going across the Presidential Range during the All-Star break. But, back to 2019. The first week, I decided to head back up to New Hampshire to get my first hike completed. Eight miles later, I hiked Mt. Willey, Mt. Field and Mt. Tom. Checked 3 4,000 footers off in one day. It was only the beginning. I’ll try to get as many as I can done this winter, but it takes the rest of the year, I think I’ll be alright.